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Vacation Alert ! - - August Industries will be closed June 25, 2018 to June 1, 2019

Our phones will be answered during this time, feel free to call with your questions.  -  208-454-2318

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Construction Equipment

   Construction Equip & Tools

   Construction Materials


Excavation Equipment

   Equipment Parts

   Excavation Equipment


Industrial Equipment

   Air Compressors

   CO2 Blasting-Cleaning Equip

   Cleaning Equipment 

   Conveyor & Roller Equipment

   Pneumatic Conveying Equip

   Power Supply Equipment

   Rigging Equipment

   Shipping & Packaging Equip

   Shop Equipment

   Ultrasonic Cleaning Equip

   Vacuum Equipment

   Vibrating Equipment

   Warehouse Equipment


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Industrial Supplies


  Bearings, Bushings,

             Couplings, Etc.


    Bushings & Sheaves

    Drive Couplings & Parts

    Linear Motion Components

    Pillow Blocks


  Electrical Supplies

    Boxes & Mud Rings

    Breakers - Single Phase

    Breakers - Three Phase

    Controls & Starters

    Couplers, Fittings, LB's

    Digital Operators

    Disconnects & Panels

    Harmonic Guards

    Hazardous Area Boxes

    Heaters & Elements




    Plugs & Connectors

    Sensors & Monitoring Equip

    Switches & Outlets


    Wire & Cable


  Electronic Supplies

    Amps & Power Controls

    Line Filters

    Switches, Controls &



    Anchors & Fasteners

    Nails & Staples

    Nuts, Bolts & Washers



  Filters + Air, Oil & 

        Water Separators


  Gear Boxes and

              Drive Units

    Brake Units

    Gear Drives w/motors

    Worm Gear Spd Reducers


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  General Supplies 

    Casters & Wheels

    Cleaning & Restroom Sup.


    Hose, Tubing & Fittings

    Shop Supplies

    Specialty Items

    Warehouse Supplies


  Heat, Ventilation & AC

    Fans & Ventilation

    Heating & AC Units


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  Plumbing & Pumps

    Drains, Filters & Vents

    Fittings -

      Brass & Bronze Fittings

      PVC Fittings

      Sanitary SS Fittings

      Stainless Steel Fittings

      Steel, Galv & Iron Fittings

    Flanges -

      Stainless Steel Flanges

      Steel Flanges 

    Pumps - Diaphragm

    Pumps - Specialty

    Pumps - Stainless

    Pumps - Water & Sewer


    Specialty Fittings & Plugs

    Specialty Valves &


    Tap Sets & Saddles

    Valve Actuators

    Valves -

      Brass & Bronze Valves

      PVC Valves

      Sanitary SS Valves

      Stainless Steel Valves

      Steel, Galv & Iron Valves


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Vehicles For Sale


Home    -    Search    -    Terms & Conditions    -    Shipping 

For Sale - -  Collector Cars & Motorcycles


Collector Cars

1978 Lincoln Town Car

78 Towncar-1.jpg (241383 bytes)    78 Towncar-2.jpg (221714 bytes)    78 Towncar-3.jpg (227635 bytes)

1978 Lincoln Town Car - Stored since 1999, runs great, 120,000 miles and is just starting to use a little oil.  Interior is very good, tires are Big O Legacy with less than 5000 miles on them.  Everything works in the car.   

Price  $12,500.00


1979 Harley Davidson FXE, S&S 93 cubic Inch shovelhead

79 FXE-1.jpg (154157 bytes)    79 FXE-2.jpg (168662 bytes)    79 FXE-3.jpg (178499 bytes)    79 FXE-4.jpg (197505 bytes)

79 FXE-5.jpg (192666 bytes)    79 FXE-6.jpg (184244 bytes)    79 FXE-8.jpg (173400 bytes)    79 FXE-9.jpg (123344 bytes)

1979 Harley Davidson FXE, S&S 93 cubic Inch shovelhead motor installed in April 2003, app 4000 miles on New S&S 93" engine.  Electric and kick start, dual plug heads, S&S "E" carb, single fire ignition, 8.2:1 compression cast pistons, 514 cam, Jim's adjustable pushrods, powerglide lifters and roller rockers, 4 tower coil, AR100 exhaust pipes, Entire engine is power coated Gloss Black,  Primo "Brute II Classic" belt drive primary with Rivera Clutch, "O" ring rear chain, Original 4 speed trans, Metzeler ME 880  100/90 front and Metzeler ME 880  150/80 rear tire. Paint excellent, no decals, vivid black.  Owned this bike since 1980, get on this bike and take it across the country today.

Price  $14,000.00

1996 Harley Davidson FLSTF, S&S 86 cubic Inch shovelhead

96 FLSTF -01.jpg (462819 bytes)    96 FLSTF -02.jpg (426328 bytes)    96 FLSTF -03.jpg (453573 bytes)    96 FLSTF -04.jpg (416647 bytes)    96 FLSTF -05.jpg (397698 bytes)

96 FLSTF -06.jpg (274831 bytes)    96 FLSTF -07.jpg (454468 bytes)    96 FLSTF -08.jpg (409405 bytes)    96 FLSTF -09.jpg (265419 bytes)    96 FLSTF -11.jpg (456442 bytes)

96 FLSTF -10.jpg (451621 bytes)    96 FLSTF -12.jpg (417407 bytes)    96 FLSTF -13.jpg (291782 bytes)    96 FLSTF -14.jpg (457507 bytes)

96 FLSTF -15.jpg (454313 bytes)    96 FLSTF -16.jpg (415023 bytes)    96 FLSTF -17.jpg (449565 bytes)

1996 Harley Davidson FLSTF, 1996 Harley solftail frame, S&S 86 cubic Inch shovelhead stroker motor installed in 2009, app 380 miles on New S&S 86" engine. S&S cases, HD barrels, S&S Heads,  Electric and kick start, S&S dual plug heads, S&S "E" carb, Jims lifters, roller rockers, shafts & adjustable pushrods (oils up through push rods, oil supply line is blocked and is just for looks, top cross over line is open and works), Andrews "A" grind cam, single fire ignition, 4 tower coil, Entire engine is power coated Gloss Black, Chain primary drive w/hydraulic tensioner,  "O" ring rear chain, New 6 Speed 22% overdrive Baker transmission with new hydraulic clutch and kick start or electric start, New Metzeler ME 880  130/90 front and New Metzeler ME 880  160/80 rear tire. Front forks are 41mm wide glide (rebuilt and lowered 1"), 3/4" axels w/new sealed bearings, New Paint in excellent condition, no decals, vivid black. The bike needs a dash and tank bib, all wiring is in place for speedo and tach. New brake pads and floating rotors front and rear, Hard bags, Drag bars and Solo Seat. This bike has been in a warehouse since it was completed on 12-31-2009.  I will provide a new battery for the bike when sold, only 380 miles on the bike since completed. Titled 2006 special construction. 

Price  $18,000.00


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 Industrial Supplies



 Pneumatic & Hydraulic


  Fittings, Tubing & Hose

  Repair Parts & Kits

  Rams & Cylinders

  Valve Actuators

  Valves & Switches


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  Equipment &

" NOS " Inventory


Food Processing


  Food Grade SS Pipe Fittings

  Food Processing Mach Parts

  Sanitary SS Valves


Metalworking Industry

  Blades Bits & Cutters

  Materials & Inventory

  Welding Equip & Supplies


Textile Industry

  Textile Ind. Machines

    Embroidery Machines

    Sewing Machines

    Specialty Machines


Embroidery & Sewing  

  Machine Parts & Acc.

    Cap Drivers & Frames

    Hoops / Hoop presses

    Hoop Parts

    Machine Parts


071031z507 set1.jpg (274214 bytes)


  Materials & Inventory

    3-D Foam & Backing

    Belting & Sweatbands

    Bias & Binding Tape

    Braid & Cording


    Hardware Metal & Plas

    Leather Goods

    Labels & Supplies

    Thread Embroidery,

            Tex & Bobbins 

    Thread color charts

    Velcro & Zippers


Woodworking Industry

    Woodworking Equipment

    Blades & Cutters


R & D - Scientific Equip

    Environmental Equipment

    Testing & Sampling

    Lab Equipment



Safety Equipment

  Emergency Equipment

    Breathing Equipment

    Eyewash Stations

    Fire Hose, Fittings & Equip

    Rescue Equipment

  Fall Protection

  Protective Clothing

    Chemical Protection Suits

    Food Processing Clothing

  Signs Caution- Smoking



Tools & Diag Equip

   Diagnostic Testing-Sampling

   Electric Tools


   Hand Tools

   Hydraulic Tools

   Machinist Tools

   Pneumatic Tools

   Threading Tools & Dies



   Vintage Cars

   Vintage Motorcycles

   Vintage Trucks



      Vintage Car Parts

      Vintage Motorcycle Parts

      Vintage Truck Parts


Real Estate

   Airplane Hangar Idaho

   View Property Idaho



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Contact Information

August Industries Inc.,    P. O. Box 901    Boise, ID 83701 

Phone:          208-454-2318

Email:           augustindustries@hotmail.com  

Hours:           8:00 to 5:00  Mountain Time, Monday - Friday 
Last modified: June 19, 2018