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Vacation Alert ! - - August Industries will be closed June 25, 2018 to June 1, 2019

Our phones will be answered during this time, feel free to call with your questions.  -  208-454-2318

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Construction Equipment

   Construction Equip & Tools

   Construction Materials


Excavation Equipment

   Equipment Parts

   Excavation Equipment


Industrial Equipment

   Air Compressors

   CO2 Blasting-Cleaning Equip

   Cleaning Equipment 

   Conveyor & Roller Equipment

   Pneumatic Conveying Equip

   Power Supply Equipment

   Rigging Equipment

   Shipping & Packaging Equip

   Shop Equipment

   Ultrasonic Cleaning Equip

   Vacuum Equipment

   Vibrating Equipment

   Warehouse Equipment


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Industrial Supplies


  Bearings, Bushings,

             Couplings, Etc.


    Bushings & Sheaves

    Drive Couplings & Parts

    Linear Motion Components

    Pillow Blocks


  Electrical Supplies

    Boxes & Mud Rings

    Breakers - Single Phase

    Breakers - Three Phase

    Controls & Starters

    Couplers, Fittings, LB's

    Digital Operators

    Disconnects & Panels

    Harmonic Guards

    Hazardous Area Boxes

    Heaters & Elements




    Plugs & Connectors

    Sensors & Monitoring Equip

    Switches & Outlets


    Wire & Cable


  Electronic Supplies

    Amps & Power Controls

    Line Filters

    Switches, Controls &



    Anchors & Fasteners

    Nails & Staples

    Nuts, Bolts & Washers



  Filters + Air, Oil & 

        Water Separators


  Gear Boxes and

              Drive Units

    Brake Units

    Gear Drives w/motors

    Worm Gear Spd Reducers


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  General Supplies 

    Casters & Wheels

    Cleaning & Restroom Sup.


    Hose, Tubing & Fittings

    Shop Supplies

    Specialty Items

    Warehouse Supplies


  Heat, Ventilation & AC

    Fans & Ventilation

    Heating & AC Units


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  Plumbing & Pumps

    Drains, Filters & Vents

    Fittings -

      Brass & Bronze Fittings

      PVC Fittings

      Sanitary SS Fittings

      Stainless Steel Fittings

      Steel, Galv & Iron Fittings

    Flanges -

      Stainless Steel Flanges

      Steel Flanges 

    Pumps - Diaphragm

    Pumps - Specialty

    Pumps - Stainless

    Pumps - Water & Sewer


    Specialty Fittings & Plugs

    Specialty Valves &


    Tap Sets & Saddles

    Valve Actuators

    Valves -

      Brass & Bronze Valves

      PVC Valves

      Sanitary SS Valves

      Stainless Steel Valves

      Steel, Galv & Iron Valves


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August Industries Inc.


Home    -    Search    -    Terms & Conditions    -    Shipping 

Welcome to:  August Industries Inc.  

Specialists in New Old Stock & Used, Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Parts and Inventory.

Stocking products by:  


A -  AME International, AMP, ASGE, Accrafilter, Ackermann, Actek, Admelody, Advanced, Advantage Cap Drivers & Frames by Barudan, Aero-Motive, Airetool, Akron, Allis Chalmers, Alloy, Aloyco, American Efird, APC - American Power Conversion -Transformers, APC Symmetra Power Module, Antique Light Poles, Anver, Apollo, Appleton, Arcos, Arktite, Ashcroft, Aurora, Automax, Avco,  Avery Tags, 


B -  Badger Meter, Bahco-Milford, Baldor, Barden Precision, Barnstead Thermolyne, Barudan, Beacon Industries, Bell & Gosset, Bendix, Blue Wave, Bond, Bondstrand, Boston Gear Bower BCA, Brady, Brother, Brown & Sharpe, Browning, Bunn, Burns


C -  C H F Muller GMBH, Campbell, Car Quest, Carr Textile, Carrier, Caster Concepts, Cat, Cat Filters, Charlotte, Chem-Meter by Crane, Chemgrout, Cherne, Cherry Burrell, ChromaloxCleaver Brooks Brine Tank, Cleveland, Clow, Columbus McKinnon, Cone Drive, Continental Western, Conval, Coats, Corbin Russwin, Crane, Crosby, Cutter Hammer,


D -  Danfoss, Dayton, DEB, Definox, Delco NDH, Deltech, DP Harp, Dodge Imperial, Domestic, Duo-Fast, Dwyer


E -  Elkhart, EST Group, Eastman Blue Streak, Eaton - Cutter Hammer, EGI - Equipment Group Inc, Endevco, EnMotion, ETCO,


F-  Fafnir, FAG, Federal Mogul, Fend-All, Filter Mart, Finite, Finland, Fisher, Fleetguard, Flow Controls-SVF, Flow International FLYCT, FNW, Fortune Tape, Foster, Fram, Frick Filters, Frommelt, FuFu's, FUJI,


G -  Gastector, GE, General Electric Bearing, General Electric Motors, Gleason Reel, Goodyear, Graco Machine parts, Grant Gear, Greener Corp, Grove Gear, Grundfos,  Guardian, Guardian Welding Doors, Gunnebo, Gunold,


H -  Habonium, Hankison, Happy, Harley Davidson Motorcycles For Sale, Harrington, Harris, Hastings, Haws, Hayward, Henry Vogt, Hills-McCanna, Hirose, Honeywell, Hub City, Hubble, Hyatt,


I -  IKO, Inline, Isacord, Isafil, Ingersol Rand Filters, Jamesbury, Jenkins, Johnson Industries,


J & K -  Johnson Controls, Juki, Kenworth, Ketchie Houston, Kitz, Koban, KOYO,


L -  LC Thomsen, Labconco, Lakeland, Lasco, Lenox, Leybold, Leybold-HeraeusLincoln Motors, Lincolnweld, Linear System, Linkbelt, Lovejoy, Lumaco,


M - Macawber, Macpherson Meistergram, Madeira, Magnetek, Marathon, Marpac, Masterflex, McGill, Milford, Miller Rams, Milwaukee Cylinder, Mitsubishi, Morris Coupling, MRC, MSA Workman, Muller GMBH, Multi-Max,


N & O -  NAPA, NDH, Nexen, Newstripe, Nibco, Norgren, Norton, Nova, Nova Bolts, NTN, Nupro Valves, Nupro Valve Actuators, Organ,


P & Q -  PT Couplings, Pack Master, Paco Pump, Parajust, Parametrics, Parker, Penta KB Power, Pfeiffer Balzers, Phillips - C H F Muller GMBH, Phoenix, Phoenix Dryrod, Portland Bolt, Powell, Precision Bearing, Protector Filtered Glove Boxes,


R - RPS - Radiation Protection Systems, RapistanReal Estate For Sale Idaho, Reece, Reliance, Renold, Resistoflex, Rexroth Task MasterRobison Anton, Rollway, Rumoldi, Ruvac,


S -  S&C Pad Mounted Gear, Salus, Sargent, Schmetz, Shark Tape, SFK, Sharpe, SKF, Sierra, Signode, Simonds, Singer, Skymark International, Skypak III, Spears, Sporlan Catch-All, Square D, Star, Starret, Sterling, Stockham, Strick, Sulky, Summit Industrial Products, Sunshine, SVF FCI, Swagelok Valves, Swagelok Valve Actuators,


T -   T&T Enterprises, Taiko, Tajima, TalonTCI, Thomas-Betts, Thomson, Timken, Titan Gecko, Torrington, Trans-Coil International, Tri Nuclear Corp, Tescom Tetra Pak Hoyer, Thomsen, Toshiba Houston Motors, Tychoway, Tyler Union,


U & V -  Uni Chains, Unistrut, Vacuum Research, Velan, Venus, Vertrod, Vibco, VNE, Von-Weise,


W & X -  Waco, Ward, Warren, Watlow, Watts, Waukesha, Westinghouse Motors Wheeler, Whitey, Wika, Wilden, Wilson, Winco - Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Co.Wylie Weighload,


Y & Z -  Yale, Yamato, Yaskawa, YKK Zook and many others. 

*    *    *    *    *    *


We are continually adding to our inventory

Didn't find what you were looking for, contact us.

Email:   augustindustries@hotmail.com  

Phone:  208- 454- 2318

8:00 to 5:00  Mountain Time, Monday - Friday


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 Industrial Supplies



 Pneumatic & Hydraulic


  Fittings, Tubing & Hose

  Repair Parts & Kits

  Rams & Cylinders

  Valve Actuators

  Valves & Switches


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  Equipment &

" NOS " Inventory


Food Processing


  Food Grade SS Pipe Fittings

  Food Processing Mach Parts

  Sanitary SS Valves


Metalworking Industry

  Blades Bits & Cutters

  Materials & Inventory

  Welding Equip & Supplies


Textile Industry

  Textile Ind. Machines

    Embroidery Machines

    Sewing Machines

    Specialty Machines


Embroidery & Sewing  

  Machine Parts & Acc.

    Cap Drivers & Frames

    Hoops / Hoop presses

    Hoop Parts

    Machine Parts


071031z507 set1.jpg (274214 bytes)


  Materials & Inventory

    3-D Foam & Backing

    Belting & Sweatbands

    Bias & Binding Tape

    Braid & Cording


    Hardware Metal & Plas

    Leather Goods

    Labels & Supplies

    Thread Embroidery,

            Tex & Bobbins 

    Thread color charts

    Velcro & Zippers


Woodworking Industry

    Woodworking Equipment

    Blades & Cutters


R & D - Scientific Equip

    Environmental Equipment

    Testing & Sampling

    Lab Equipment



Safety Equipment

  Emergency Equipment

    Breathing Equipment

    Eyewash Stations

    Fire Hose, Fittings & Equip

    Rescue Equipment

  Fall Protection

  Protective Clothing

    Chemical Protection Suits

    Food Processing Clothing

  Signs Caution- Smoking



Tools & Diag Equip

   Diagnostic Testing-Sampling

   Electric Tools


   Hand Tools

   Hydraulic Tools

   Machinist Tools

   Pneumatic Tools

   Threading Tools & Dies



   Prevost Motor Coach

   Vintage Cars

   Vintage Motorcycles

   Vintage Trucks



      Vintage Car Parts

      Vintage Motorcycle Parts

      Vintage Truck Parts


Real Estate

   Airplane Hangar Idaho

   View Property Idaho



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Contact Information

August Industries Inc.,    P. O. Box 901    Boise, ID 83701 

Phone:          208-454-2318

Email:           augustindustries@hotmail.com  

Hours:           8:00 to 5:00  Mountain Time, Monday - Friday 
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